About Our Company

Zehman-Wolf Management, Inc. was founded more than forty years ago to provide the highest quality management services for apartment properties developed, built and owned by the company. Today Zehman-Wolf manages more than 1,400 suites in the Greater Cleveland area. As an owner-manager, Zehman-Wolf is proud to deliver superior construction and unsurpassed professional service to our residents. For additional information on our properties, including location maps and online floor plans, please visit our company web site at http://www.zehman-wolf.com.                                       Moreâ

About The Department

As standards and technology have continued to evolve, most legacy systems have become considerably  less cost effective to continue to repair instead of replace, a need developed for there to be an entity tasked solely with ensuring that company wide technical operations stayed consistent with the company’s mission to provide the highest quality management services for our properties and superior construction and unsurpassed professional service to our residents.   In January of 2001, following an 11 month test period and the requisite management studies of what was being spent where, on what, and by whom,  the company formally created a department to: 

  • Work with the Property Managers to streamline the daily maintenance operations at the properties.
  • Become experts on, develop and implement testing methodologies for, and maintain all records relating to, all life safety systems and related subsystems.
  • Minimize the use of outside contractors wherever possible.
  • Standardize the tools and supplies used by the properties in the course of daily operations.
  • Develop and implement a depot supply system to maximize purchasing power and control parts inventory.
  • And among other things, whatever else it takes to provide that unsurpassed professional service already mentioned more than once on this page.          Moreâ

The department is called the Heavy Maintenance Department for a variety of reasons; 1st, changing light bulbs, general furnace repairs, snaking a drain and such are often described as “light maintenance”, while replacing an 1,800 lb. stand-by generator or 600 lb. 15hp electric motor could be called something else, and 2nd, in the big equipment genres, “Heavy” is usually used to depict something exceeding the standard, (i.e. The Fire Department’s Heavy Squad, Boeing’s 747 Heavy Airliner, The Army’s 50cal Heavy Machine Gun, etc.) and we certainly have some pretty big stuff, and 3rd, it needed another initial so we wouldn’t be confused with a doctor’s office if we wanted to do something trendy and call ourselves Zehman-Wolf HMD on paperwork such as Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Policy Directives, and the like.

 Who's In Charge?